Less than perfect. 

As life progresses, we go on a quest to find the perfect partner, the perfect job, plan the perfect vacation and perfect life. Even if you do find your perfect something or someone - there’s always something else that needs to be fixed. If it’s not the perfect skin, it’s the perfect aesthetic or the perfect insta-feed. In a world of filters and likes, the race to perfection is a never ending one. 

I cringe when I think of all the time, effort, and energy we spend pursing this illusion, while we could’ve applied and improved our lives in a more meaningful way. Imagine all the little moments we might possibly have missed out on because of the finer detail – called perfection.

After a few spins around the sun, I started asking myself what would happen if the world forgot about the idea of being perfect or reaching a state of perfection? Would it change our perspectives for the better? What if we focused on progress no matter how big or small - wouldn’t that make for a more fruitful and enjoyable life experience? 

I mean progress is the source of confidence and motivation, instead of focusing on the instant gratification that social media provides us with. The journey towards realizing and acknowledging that being 60% there and being okay with it, is a difficult one. It takes an immense amount of strength and courage to be honest with one’s self. 

Here 3 things you can do to ensure that you keep your eye on the bigger picture (An alternative to perfect).


Trade in perfection for progress

Asking yourself questions like: who am I really? why am I trying so hard, and why is it important to me - might be the first step to starting the journey of acknowledging progress and showing up for yourself!

Although we cannot turn back the hands of time and turn your unproductive day into productivity- let it act as a valuable learning curve. Besides, each day comes with its troubles and triumphs. Embrace what you have and acknowledge what you lack, and use it to your advantage.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with striving to achieve your dreams - but at some point in your journey, YOU WILL FAIL – and that's okay. If you want to succeed and be the best you possible, you'll need to learn to embrace failure - don’t let hiccups stop you from using your voice.

Instead, see failure as your receipt of progress, remember perfection is a fallacy, and progress does not equal perfection. It’s okay to touch something and have it not turned into gold at that very instant. Slow progress is still significant.

Try not to be discouraged because things aren’t moving at a pace of your liking. Depend on your willpower and sustain whatever little steps your taking - learn from them and allow slow progress to fuel your drive.

Realize the beauty of imperfection!

Try to focus on accepting who you are, the whole 60%, average and flawed you! You know why? Because there’s so much beauty in your authenticity, growth, and imperfection. Imagine how boring a perfect world with no challenges or struggles would be. 

We wouldn’t have moments worthy of celebrating; we wouldn’t be able to look back at how far we’ve come. More importantly, you’d be completely oblivious to how much strength you possess. The perfect you would have no room for improvement and how much you’ve learned on your path.

When you embrace imperfection, you realize that inadequacies are what defines who you are and set you apart from everyone else- you start to see flaws as a badge of honor, not a mark against your character. 

You learn to accept your shortcomings and allow you to start over, heal and try again. You learn to let go of what is out of your control and stop seeking validation from other flawed beings. Instead, you find solace and happiness within yourself and seek light – holding yourself and others to reasonable and reachable standards.

Believe that you are worthy.

Try to be patient with yourself and refrain from any form of belittling yourself. I know this is a difficult task, but you need to believe in yourself before anyone will. Positive self-talk plays a role in how we perceive ourselves and success. 

Try to learn from those who have seen material success and note how they had to motivate themselves despite the struggles and pain. Not only did they beat the voice of doubt in their mind, but ignoring this voice meant that they were open to receiving all opportunities which were waiting to unfold.

Whenever self-doubt creeps in, and you’re scared that you might mess something up before you've even started, try to think about the fact that not all advancements we see today; were achieved in just one attempt. 

Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day ( ha-ha, I know it sounds cliché) it all started with a person who had the propensity to believe that they can positively influence others and make their dream come true. SLOWLY BUT SURELY.