If you're looking to upskill yourself for your first job, currently unemployed and looking to pivot into the digital industry, or just looking at keeping your brain active and up to date with something relevant, then you've come to the right place! 

It's easy to learn anything these days. DIY videos are all too common on YouTube, and if you google any problem, you're bound to find a solution on page one of your search. 

Not only can you solve your problems by asking Siri, but you are now able to educate yourself and become qualified in certain fields through free, and reputable courses online!

Recently, being in recruitment, and considering the effect Corona has had on the economy, I've increasingly been speaking to people who are wanting to either upskill or change fields of work, but have no financial backing to do so. This is where you learn that You do not need a degree to have a relevant skillset! 

Digital companies or any kind of company that has a unique interface for their products and services WANT you to use their product. And the best way to get people to use their products is to train them on how to use them, and make them user friendly. They, therefore, create training and learning programs so that you become skilled in their product and are eventually able to use their products and services, and possibly even recommend them to others. Companies, in turn, then want to hire people who know how to use these products! 

Educating yourself for free (free being a loose term, considering how much is charged for the internet) has never been easier.

Google has been at the forefront of this movement with the Google Digital Garage. This is part of Grow with Google, an initiative started to help people grow their online skills and add to their CV's. There are about 89 different videos and a couple of assessments that will test and track your progress!

In addition to that is the Google Ads Certificates. These certifications are often required by my clients in the digital advertising space as it shows you know the ins-and-outs of the platform. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who is interested in online advertising, or who has started their own business with a digital presence. 

Facebook has a similar certification with Facebook Blueprint. There is an advanced version that you pay for, but the free version shows you the basics and prepares you for working with Facebook Ad Manager!

Just like Facebook, Twitter has its own training program - Twitter flight school (Twitter Ad Fundamentals) 

Going in a different direction to advertising, another digital direction to pursue is coding. If you're like me and have no clue where to start, I would suggest Codecademy. Codecademy starts your digital journey by suggesting different courses to take depending on your interests. It also keeps you motivated by introducing 30-day challenges and unique tasks in each module. Again, there is a free option and a paid-for option, depending on the depths you would like to go. That being said, the free option is a great way to learn about what you're interested in, and whether or not coding is for you!

eMarketing Institute has courses ranging from eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and email marketing to content, blogging and web analytics. These courses are accompanied by a free ebook to help get you started! 

While I've only listed a few, there are a million different free, digital, manageable learning options online, no matter what your interest or capability levels. There is no longer any excuse to say "I can't do that".

If this was a lot to take in, and you still don't know where to start, check out our website where you'll find out about our team and what we do! We're not just recruiters, we're consultants and can point you in the right direction. 

For any other recruitment inquiries, you can get in touch with me directly at catkinson@welovesalt.com