Sorry if this disappoints you, but this post is not about COVID-19. It is however, inspired by what Singapore's Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong said to those who are thinking of ways to circumvent the safe distancing measures as Singapore transits into Phase 2 of its opening on 19 June.

It’s interesting that Mr Gan made such a comment. Human beings are somehow programmed to break rules – whether it’s for fun, for excitement, or just because they can.

“I can go home late today because my parents are not at home.” – even though you are compromising your own safety.

“I can speed on this highway because I don’t see any traffic police around” – even though you are risking your own life.

“I can get away with not working today because my boss is on leave” – even though you are behind your sales target.

The list goes on and on.

Mr Gan was emphasising on “individual responsibility and discipline”.

If one has not taken responsibility for his own actions, can he really blame the virus if stricken with it?

Similarly, if an employee has not taken responsibility for his own performance at work; if a sick patient still persists with his unhealthy eating habits; if a struggling professional still insists on living his extravagant lifestyle.... can he really blame the external environment?

When does the blame game stop, and the personal accountability begin?

It will be a great great world if everyone takes responsibility for his own actions.... and stops spreading the blame virus.