"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked" ~ Warren Buffett

This is one of my favorite Warren Buffett quotes. He was naturally referring to the investment market when he said this, but can the same be applied to the way we work and run our business as well?

As the saying goes: "A rising tide lifts all boats". When the economy is good, customers come to you, deals are easier to close, the sales process is smoother. Generally, you will face less resistance all round.

What happens when the tide recedes?

  • If you are an employer, do you pull out all the stops to protect the livelihood of your employees?
  • Likewise, if you are an employee, do you reciprocate by going over and above for your employer who is taking care of you?
  • When there is less to go around, does it lead to greater collaborative effort among the team or do they fight over the limited opportunities available?
  • Can your top salesperson continue to maintain his/her position at the sales board on the wall?
  • Does your normally quiet employee rise up to the occasion and offer to do more?
  • When everyone is working from home – who are the ones who show themselves as reliable self-starters and who still needs constant push and supervision?
  • When there is more time to blog, comment and/or create content to build their personal and company brand – who takes the time and who doesn’t?

This is the time for you to decide how you will look when the tide goes out.