The pandemic has changed the way we live, our habits, the way we work and the way companies hire. 

So what has changed?

Stage 1 - Resume Submission

In general, we have seen an increase in the number of applications to job advertisements as compared to the past. This means the hiring team has to screen more profiles, leading to more competition for job seekers. 

So... how do we make our application stand out? 

At this stage, it may not just be the number of applications sent, but increasing your chances of getting shortlisted through customisation. You would want to highlight how you can solve company challenges, value add and demonstrate why you are the best person for this role.

*Don't be shy to share your achievements in your resume, be it sales achievements, awards, recognition or technical certifications.

Stage 2 - Shift from Physical Interviews

Previously, most interviews would be physical meetups whenever possible. It has most recently transitioned partly or rather, fully to online video interviews.

What may not have been widely accepted previously for instance, on-boarding a new team member whom employers have not met in person, has now become the new normal. 

New Interview Questions

  • How has the pandemic changed the way you work?
  • Would you be able to work remotely in the long term?
  • Would you prefer to work remotely in the future?
  • How are you managing work life balance whilst working remotely?

Stage 3 - Interview & Tips! 


You have been selected for an interview. Time to seize the opportunity. 

How can you prepare for the interview?

Early Bird

Super beneficial to log in at least 10 minutes in advance. If you have any technical issues, at least there's still an opportunity to drop an email to inform. You can also take this opportunity to check how you look on screen, test the microphone and take a breather before it begins! 

Dress up!

You will benefit by dressing up, to get yourself physically and mentally ready. Sometimes we may be too relaxed while doing the interview at home.

If you were to stand up and pick something or adjust the camera, you wouldn't want to show the difference in your top and bottom outfit! (just saying). 

Virtual Backgrounds

We are working remotely together with family members and roommates, where it may be difficult at times to get a private place to speak. 

You should try using virtual backgrounds and joining interviews in a quiet room. This way, the interviewer won't be distracted by whats happening in the background, but focusing on the conversation with you. 

Be Yourself

Before the interview, you would have done the necessary research and preparation. Be yourself, have an open discussion with the interviewer. Many times it comes down to the cultural fit, do know what are your motivations and aspirations. 


New Normal

Digital interviews and remote on-boarding seems to be the approach now due to the pandemic. There are also an increasing number of technology and digital companies promoting remote working for the rest of the year as part of the 'new normal'. 

In a poll done by the Singapore Straits Time, most of employees (90%) would prefer partial remote working as part of their routine whilst (10%) opted for no remote working at all. 

How would companies react to this? 

Will this become our ‘new normal’ moving forward?


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