There are no short-term wins without the hard work over years, you make your own luck in this life. You have the opportunity to define yourself & underpin your career, even amidst turbulence and adversity you can not only survive but you can thrive.

My first recruitment job was with a company called Laser (1996), they had this motto that was "we don't advertise", this meant literally they didn't advertise, which meant that my first 4 and a half years of recruitment was finding candidates and winning business proactively. We didn’t have Linked In and all those platforms and tools you all now depend upon as if you’d be incapacitated without them, they didn’t exist, but even then we didn’t follow the same pattern as the other recruitment companies.

This taught me the value of a community and the basic principles of networking, headhunting & generating leads/referrals. I learned by calling and talking with people, treating them with respect, being authentic and creatively finding ways to get people to call me and engage in my content.

Now don’t get me wrong, being accepted into a community can be hard, I remember attending a specialist JavaScript engineering conference in Brighton called Full Frontal many years ago. During the first networking break I said hello to a Developer, who shot me down for being at a techie conference whilst being a recruiter. As if that wasn’t bad enough he called me out on the live twitter feed broadcast on the screen in front of all 400 attendees. I didn’t crumble and hide, instead I learnt, both about their technology, their reasons for attending, and how to contribute and add value.

Deep engagement with your community, liking and sharing common topics, adding value and being consistent plants the foundations of success in sales.

What I am sharing is why your network is the infrastructure underpinning everything, not the how or the what to do. I for one believe sincerely in networking, looking after people, knowing my world, and playing an active role in the community.

Your network of communities should include specialist groups and forums:

  • In your industry for example DBR, FIRM, The Recruitment Network, etc
  • In your marketplace for example Mind The Product,, CXO Community, etc
  • In your feeds e.g. Tech Crunch, Wired, Brainfood
  • In your life e.g. loved ones, family, friends and FUN!!!
  • In the lives of others like charity and supporting your health workers (NHS UK) and being a good citizen in the world

Work on building your communities and be active.

Be kind to one another. Be proud of yourself.

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