“C’mon erin! You can do it! Just give me 1 more rep… as if your life depends on it! JUST… ONE…  MORE!!”

I glared at my Personal Trainer, pursed my lips and mustered all my strength to push up the bars just 1 more time, before I collapsed onto the seat. I “hated” my Personal Trainer at that very moment, but thanks to her, the concept of "Just 1 More" has stuck with me since.

Why the concept of “Just 1 More”? – because that 1 more effort could just be what is needed to make all the difference. The recent state of business and economy has brought back to my mind the "Just 1 More" concept. When economy is booming and businesses are doing well, it’s easy to achieve one’s revenue target. We are swimming in calm waters, and everything seems so much easier and smoother. The opposite is true when faced with an economic downturn. We are swimming against the tide, and everything we do requires that much more effort. It’s tiring.. it’s demotivating.. our muscles are aching. But we just have to keep swimming and swim even harder, because the consequence of not doing so is to DROWN.

So just how much more effort is required? 120%? 130% or 150%? I don’t have the answer to this question, because the answer lies deep within each one of us. The one thing I know for a fact is that operating at the same level you used to will definitely NOT generate the results you desire. At the end of your workday, can you look at yourself in the mirror and truly and honestly say you have put in your best effort and pushed yourself beyond what you thought was possible? And when tomorrow comes, can you be better than what you were today?

So, before the clock next hits 6pm and you shut down your laptop and call it a day, perhaps the 1 question you can ask is:

“Can I make 1 more call to my client?”

“Can I send out 1 more report?”

“Can I do 1 more interview?”

Because maybe… just maybe… that 1 more activity is what is needed to make all the difference.

Have you done your "Just 1 More" today?