It seems that the initial shock and horror of the lock down and isolation has subsided and the WFH advice, remote ways of staying connected, and all the other helpful tips have for the most part been shared.

I’m now starting to hear and discuss creative strategies for getting back to “some sort of normal” and planning for how we can kick start business and our economies. Much less conversations about the corona virus crisis, much more about the short to medium term ways we can get back to business.

The impact on many industry sectors will be profound, as people have developed new habits in their everyday life many things will not go back to the way they were. For all of you that didn’t like the sound of your voice or seeing yourself on video, you hear me, right 😊

The industry I’m in, people, hiring, talent, recruiting, will continue to change. Unfortunately, lots of companies paused and froze hiring and many inhouse and external recruiters have faced redundancies and furlough. The changing ways of working from home have already started to become the new norm, this time has proven that the resourcefulness and abilities in our profession are incredible.

Having spoken to many people anxious about their job prospects and many companies that thought they had a good digital strategy, seeing how much more work is required, it is clear there will be an awful lot of opportunity to grow again.

The 4th industrial revolution - the digital ecosystem - will continue to explode, particularly within:

  • Health, Medicine, Science and Pharma
  • Networking and Cloud Tech
  • Fintech & Insurtech
  • Business services
  • L&D, Education and Wellness
  • B2B and B2C delivery
  • Social, Games, B2C Apps
  • Ecommerce
  • Streaming & Creative Content
  • And more, no doubt

After the lockdown many businesses will invest heavily into digital transformation programs, especially those that failed their employees during this extraordinary period of whole nations working from home.

The economic impact will not reveal itself truly for months, and many companies will be reticent about hiring full time permanent employees. However, with weeks of valuable project time lost, they’ll have to get the work done and fast. So, contractors will be one solution, especially in the UK considering the deferral of IR35 and the forthcoming impact of Brexit combined with nervousness about international travel (in the short term).

The best thing you can be doing for yourself, your families and your employers during this time is to reflect on you career, now is a great time to choose your future path. You have it within your hands to define your career. Be brave, be strong, have courage and take this time to reinvent yourself.