Here in Hong Kong, it's not uncommon that people commute to work. When you are commuting to work every day, it's actually very easy to reach that "10,000 Steps" per day goal. With all that is going on, going to the gym isn't an option, plus working from home, sadly my daily steps have decreased to a grand total of 3000, that is if I'm lucky...

Here are a few things I have been doing to keep both my body and mind active in the comfort of my own home!

1. I've started a 66-day sweat challenge. That means you can be doing any forms of workout every day for 66 days as long as you break a sweat. I use this paid app called KEEP IT CLEANER which is an online lifestyle program that provides daily HIIT, boxing, running, strength training, healthy meal plans, regular meditation sessions and life hacks will show us how to live clean without sacrificing the things you love. (ICE CREAM!! ) 

For free workouts, I've been following Yoga with Adrienne for years ( she has fantastic yoga content which is suited for any level of fitness. She has videos that cater to different lengths of practice, so even if you only have 10 mins between client calls you would still be able to squeeze in a little yoga session. 

2. On top of that, I've decided to do this "lockdown squat down" challenge with my partner. Basically you need to achieve 100 squats and 100 sit-ups in one day. You could do them all in one go, or you could spread them out throughout the day. For me, I've been doing 20 each time I get up to refill my water, squeeze 5 sit-ups in while waiting for calls to get through. It's been challenging and fun at the same time!

3. Last but not least, I've decided it's very important to keep my mind active and healthy. Since meeting up with friends for dinners isn't an option due to advised social distancing, I have enrolled in a free online course offered by Yale University. The course is called The Science of Well-Being which is a 10 week course, each week is roughly 2 hours. It is designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. It's been very fun and I've already learned more about myself. It fills in the gap where I would normally go for dinner with my friends. Plus I got a couple of friends to enroll in the same course as me so we could all hang out and chat about it, online, of course! 

Here's a link to the course for those who are curious.

Do you have any interesting ways you are using to keep your body and mind active? I would love to hear from you!