Good day everyone!

I hope you and your families are all well. There is a lot of advice offered on how to organise your WFH and stay sane. :)

I am not an expert on this topic but simply wanted to share my favourite mobile apps I use a lot. All together, I’ve got 4 years experience working from home to try these out. The first time was when we were launching a new recruitment brand from scratch and the second time right after having a baby. As mentioned I don’t pretend to know everything on WFH - but rather wanted to say that we've got this! This too shall pass, and we will get back to normal.

So, a few apps I wanted to talk to you about:

  • Nike Training app is a must for me as I am all about sports and exercise. I did professional contemporary dancing, horse riding, and swimming and then fell in love with yoga and more lately jogging. When I had my daughter, I quickly realised that I didn’t have enough time to get to the gym, dance class, yoga. Then I discovered the Nike Training app, which is awesome as it is completely free without annoying ads and moreover you can find training of various duration starting from 8-15 minutes to 1 hour of different intensity for various groups of muscles with or without additional equipment. I have been using this app a lot for a few years and love it. There is also Nike Run Club for those, who jog like me. Both apps have a nice feature of connecting with your friends and competing with one another.

  • E-learning platform Coursera, where you can find courses from the best universities worldwide in various languages for a very reasonable price. Every course on the platform is available for free - or as a part of your monthly subscription where you even get a certificate at the end of your study. Another reason why I love this service is that learning with Coursera is not only about listening but also making case studies, weekly exercises, writing papers and getting peers to evaluate your work.

  • MeetUp app - you can’t imagine how many professional groups are offering online meetups these days. I am going to attend at least once a week and feel pretty excited about it.

  • Audible app or any other audiobook app, became one of my must-haves and favourites since I moved to NZ. Living in Muriwai is definitely awesome but also challenging with the time spent in traffic. Listening to books distracts me from becoming furious on the road but also allowing me to learn new things, better understand certain areas of business, learn something new or distract my 5 y.o. daughter with a great kids' story instead of a cartoon. Not sure if you are aware, but Audible is hosting a free selection of kids’ stories for kids of all ages and in several languages – all free and no need to sign up. Here is a link in case if you haven’t got it already I personally love listening to books on children's psychology. I think parents of young children will agree that at times we need a bit of reassurance and guidance. I also read a lot of HR, product, Agile, professional and personal growth related books. I love science fiction and other genres. Feel free to get in touch if you are struggling with what to read next. I am always happy to talk about books.

  • Podcasts - you can find any type of podcasts in there from very professional ones to more entertaining ones. It is probably not my favourite app as I prefer listening to audiobooks and have a lot of people interaction at work, but I signed up for a couple of great podcasts and love it.

  • There is one last thing I wanted to share with you. It’s not an app, but a website called which is similar to Netflix. The difference with Ororo is you can watch movies/series with subtitles in several different languages. You can also put your mouse over a word you don't know and get an instant translation popping up without stopping your movie. This is a wonderful service for those of you, who speak several foreign languages or are trying to learn another foreign language.

That was my selection of must-have apps :) I hope my humble list might be helpful for you.

It would be also great to know what apps do you personally like. I’d love to hear more!