While I know that many freelancers, contractors and entrepreneurs are working from home all the time, it is quite a change for many of us who are used to being in busy offices and out and about. The Covid-19 outbreak and the measures countries around the world are taking have forced many of us to work from home - and with that, we are probably the lucky ones as many professionals can't just take a laptop and mobile phone and simply switch to working from home. 

After a week of relying on video chats and virtual meetings, I couldn't help but wonder how this global situation will change the business world and us - forever? 

My initial thoughts were: 

- Less or no makeup - we already had a few calls were people hesitantly agreed to switch on their camera for a video chat because they were not wearing any makeup 

- The casual look is your everyday look - while I am trying to make an effort for myself each day to do my hair and put on some nice clothes instead of hanging in my pyjamas, will suits and business attire completely disappear? Obviously, everyone is dressing down while working from home, so do you think when this is all over we will go back to dressing up for business again?

- Return of facial hair - why bother shaving if you are at home anyway

- Everything that can be done remotely will be done remotely - will people think twice before meeting f2f and travelling for business as somehow we will have to cope with virtual meetings and will make things work

- Breakups? If you are sharing your home office with your partner or spouse, it can be a stress test in itself. In my home, we created an imaginary roommate called "Cheryle" who we can blame for any mess in the house. 

In which way do you think the Covid-19 outbreak will change how we work and how present ourselves?