There is no doubt that we are facing a difficult time right now, this is unprecedented and naturally no one knows exactly what to do. It’s causing a lot of uncertainty and panic.

As someone that has battled with their own mental health for most of my life, I understand how easily you can fall down the rabbit hole in a situation like this. The media is often very negative and report things they don’t even know to be fact. We see a lot of people bulk buying, fighting in supermarkets and other pretty horrifying things. Added to that the fact that we may be forced to self-isolate for a while, the anxiety can seem unmanageable.

My suggestion during this time (for my own benefit too) is to please stay in touch with as many people as possible – work and personal. I know that if I am going to be stuck at home, I want to try to continue as best I can with work and human interaction. If you are struggling at any point in the day, please reach out to me. I am speaking with many people in the market still and hearing a lot of positivity, which I will be happy to pass on. As a business we have global offices in Hong Kong & Singapore, the daily reports from there are incredibly encouraging and give me hope for the UK and rest of the world.

Please look for the positive stories out there – there are many! And spare a thought for the service workers, care professionals and everyone else that are putting themselves at risk to try & get everything under control. Not to mention the homeless and less fortunate. Most of them don’t have the luxury of staying safe at home. Please also follow the social distancing guidelines we have been given, to minimise the risk of infecting others (this is so important)

Let’s try to keep the economy moving by doing everything we can, from wherever we are, to help and support each other. 

Much love,