As the second feature for our International Women's Day Celebration Continuing the Conversation series, I had the opportunity to connect with Coy Griffin, a TedX speaker, data analyst, and founder of fashion technology media company, Your Own Creativity (YOC). Her work is about the intersection of creativity, fashion and technology. Prior to launching YOC, she has worked at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and a variety of fashion-tech startups. She has been featured at New York Fashion Week, presented an interactive fashion installation in Ghana, and is the January cover of Black Pepper Magazine

As you'll read in Griffin's piece below, women innovators in fashion are not new, but as artisans, technologists, engineers, and founders in the new decade, commercial industries and society at large must "recognize female creators have an opportunity to lead in unique ways because we've had to learn how to move through systems not made for us to be in leadership," says Founder and Designer of Country Western and American Traditional slow fashion apparel brand Planet Cowboy Jaylin Ramer who knows a thing or two about taking her career by the reigns. 

"Having owned my store and e-commerce site for over 10 years in New York City, designing handmade boots--visiting manufacturers, textile shops, securing distributors globally--it is inspiring to find that our women customers and women celebrities like pop star Halsey and public figures like Bella Hadid who rock Planet Cowboy, too, are acknowledging in the new decade that not only are these boots made for walkin', they're good for leading, too."

Griffin points out that the fashion technology industry is the perfect combination of integrating the latest innovations with the creative world. Fashion Technology brand The YOC (Your Own Creativity) highlights fashion brands that incorporate technology in their designs. Fashion Technology can range from innovative fabrics, Augmented Reality, 3D printing and so much more.

Griffin's blog follows below.

According to Stephanie Benedetto, Founder & CEO of Queen of Raw, “Fashion Tech, to me, is about pushing the boundaries of traditional ways of thinking about things, opening up unique avenues for fashion, technology, and design. It uses the technology of the future to redefine our relationships with online and offline stores, brands, consumers, publishers, social communities, and ourselves.“

Learning about unique brands can open your eyes to the new age of fashion, but the creators of these cutting-edge fashion companies are just as interesting. Meet three women working in Fashion Technology:

Jessica Couch is a leading fit technology expert in the industry. She was recently featured on WWD and help brands integrate technology across their supply chain. As the co-founder of the Women of Color Fash Tech Brunch, Jessica creates a path for women of color in the fashion industry.  

Lauren Bowker is the owner of The Unseen, and creates fashion goods that alter colors based on user interaction or the environment. She created a calfskin backpack that shows interchangeable colors in response to air pressure as the atmosphere brushes across its surface. The Italian alligator-skin bag turns black in the winter, red in the spring, blue in the summer and green fading to red in the autumn.

Anina Net has created robotic dresses, motion dresses, and is the founder of the 360Fashion Network. 360Fashion Network is an agency that covers Wearable Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Garment Manufacturing. Anina has collaborated with the China National Garment Association and produced fashion-tech runway shows.

Each of these women had an idea about fashion technology and created a company and community around this niche industry.

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