If you’re anything like me, I put the health of my phone before my own. I’ll find myself crashing to the floor in order to protect my iphone, have a mini panic attack if I think I have left it all alone for too long; not to mention on a nightly basis; when I’m in a comfortable position - I remember that I haven’t plugged it in to charge overnight… out I come from my slumber in order to take care of my dear phone. I realised that I’m putting the needs of my phone before mine!

Use this Christmas period to charge yourself up - I’m proposing a Digital Detox 

Ask why when you pull out your phone – is it force of habit? Are you checking the time? Are you actually using it to call someone?! If you don’t NEED to look at your phone, just leave the poor thing alone!

Conversation Killer – conversations are what create bonds with one another. If there’s a question you don’t know the answer to, why not talk about it and come up with the solution or answer creatively, not always a need to consult Google.

Become more focused & present – How many times have you been distracted by your phone, the need to take a photo of lunch before eating it, having to take a boomerang of your surroundings before perfecting and posting it… have you even really looked at it with your eyes?

Appreciate the world we live in - and the people you share it with. 😊

Excuses Excuses Excuses 

Its my alarm – get an alarm clock or a cat (they’re always up early) but also, you’re on holiday… just sleep until you naturally wake up

I might get lost – God forbid you must look at road signs or *gasp* talk to someone!

Its my work connection – please… no one does anything over Christmas, other than eat and drink, (espresso martini anyone?) just turn it off.

I get bored – this is a time to figure out what entertains you, what you would like to explore, get inspired and learn a new skill for the year ahead! You may even pick up a book or a life changing hobby!

And many more, I know, I know... I’m freaking myself out too even writing this.

Give it a go, recharge your human batteries, reconnect with the world around you, try new things and start the new decade with a fresh attitude!