It’s amazing what you see as you climb upwards. To grow you must step out of your comfort zone, push yourself and make changes to your everyday.

I’m sat here on board Eurowings EW8047 from Dusseldorf to Berlin, thinking.

The first thing you’re told when you’re on the plane is to buckle up, strap yourself in, as you’re accelerating, you’re moving forward, moving upwards.

As the pilot cranks up the speed, hurtling down the runway, 100%, total power, ready for lift off, I’m certain he’s not thinking “let’s hold back a little and get this baby off the ground at 98%”. I imagine you can’t lift off unless your pushing the accelerator 100%.

Lots of people work hard, they push nearly 100%, they keep keeping on, never really getting off the ground, just keep keeping on, endlessly…

The people that are in the zone, the ones with clear purpose, the ones who want real success and long-term happiness in life, take that acceleration and drive at 100%. In the zone, total focus, for as long as it takes.

It’s a trade, it’s not easy, choices must be made, priorities must be prioritised. However, after a while you acclimatise, your new is normal, you enjoy the view and you feel great.

I watch all the other people working away at sub optimal, less than 100%, having a “nice time”, wondering, if only you’d get yourself in the zone, you can enjoy real success and long-term happiness in life.

What is stopping you? Where is your purpose? What drives you?

As Abraham Maslow has stated “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again”.

Growing is hard and requires a big push of acceleration. Changing is not easy, hence buckling up and strapping yourself in. Getting there takes courage, but god damn it’s worth it.

Get on board and enjoy the view.