Everyone likes to talk about an X – but if you're new to the X’s world or wanting to clear up some blurred lines in the experience space, then take a read!

After attending UX New Zealand 2019 last week, I would say the talk by Viv Baartman (All of my X’s) was one I resonated with the most.

Reason being, as a recruitment consultant in this space I speak with businesses of all sizes and depending on the client varies on what they believe ‘UX’ really is and how they want to use it.

Both clients and candidates alike have both said to me there is a grey area surrounding the experience space here is NZ – and like with a lot of X’s, this is no surprise - however, Viv explained it all!  

Where does CX end and UX begin?

In a nutshell, CX is an interaction you have with a brand before becoming a customer/user of the product. Lets take buying an apple computer by example, everything from being marketed to onto entering the shop floor to being interacted with by the staff through to buying your desired item is all in the CX bracket (this even includes the lighting in the shop, the layout of products, etc. through to how you are greeted/helped by the shop staff and the satisfaction you feel when you walk out)

When you buy your shiny new laptop and take it home, you pop open the box and dive into the digital world, you then become the ‘user’. The way you feel about the interface, the framework behind each and every app is designed with the user in mind and how you feel about the experience you are having (how easy is it to use, is there a clear CTA, have you completed what you wanted in a satisfactory way)

But lets say it has a fault.. you need to ask for help from a customer service rep, you are right back into the CX bracket, and depending on that experience may depend on your choice to remain a customer or to cut all ties and go to Microsoft!

This is a brief example, but if I was to go on into EX, PX, UI and so on, I feel this bite sized blog could turn into 'War and Peace'!