One of my earliest memories of listening to commercial pop music growing up in suburban Melbourne was Sting’s classic tune: “An Englishman in New York”. The haunting melody and poignant lyrics still resonate with me today..

“Oh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien

I'm an Englishman in New York..”

Several decades on and the current situation in HK does make me reflect a bit on my current status as a (legal) alien in Hong Kong.

When I first arrived in Hong Kong in January 2016, I had little idea that I’d still be here nearly 4 years later. It was a bit of a leap into the unknown for me and my then girlfriend (now wife) venturing into a city that I’d really only visited a couple of times as a tourist. And for my wife her first time ever!

But as each year has passed, our love for Hong Kong has grown and grown. My wife has a nice little circle of friends here now and I too have developed a good network of both work and leisure mates. So I guess I just wanted in these somewhat troubled times in HK to emphasize that there is still so much that is positive and fantastic here.

Firstly, everything always looks worse on TV, the situation here isn’t ideal but not nearly as dangerous as it looks on CNN! Just stay away from trouble spots and don’t do anything silly and HK is definitely still a safe place.

There are inconveniences for sure with some of the closures of public transport/ access etc.. but for the most part life goes on as usual. There are still the wonderful eating spots, sights, hikes, natural beauty, and exciting nightlife to be enjoyed here.

And its wonderful too, to witness the resilience of the HK people. I see it in my colleagues as well as the general populace – it’s a trait that has always characterized the territory, fighting against the odds to triumph above adversity.

For me Hong Kong is (and will remain for the foreseeable future) home now and feel that there is still so much to offer and experience here. That’s all for now, just a short piece to stress that there is still plenty to be upbeat about here in the “fragrant harbour” city. Over and out for now from this (Malaysian born) Australian in Hong Kong.. 😊