Within the past month, 25,000 “designer” jobs have been advertised on LinkedIn.

7,000 of them are in the capital city and of those, only 127 are "junior designer" positions.

“Junior designer” adverts I post on LinkedIn, regularly receive 500+ applicants.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that being an entry-level designer in London is no walk in the park 😶

Solution? A networking event, obvs…

I approached Karmarama, an acclaimed UK creative and design agency who happen to have one of the coolest offices in London.

We invited a cross-section of junior designers of different disciplines and a panel of experts including:

  • Kam McKenzie, Creative Head of Social & CRM at ASOS
  • Scott Smallman, UX Design Lead at Karmarama
  • Luke Prebble, HR Lead at Karmarama  
  • Lily Kane, UX Designer at at Karmarama  

We discussed the 5 topics below and stayed until the twilight hours giving advice on CVs and portfolios. 

The positive feedback has been immense, so I wanted to share some key takeaway’s below.

Design Industry -  “90% of social videos are watched on the toilet with no sound on”

  • The moving image isn’t slowing down – up-skill yourself in motion graphics and animation wherever possible
  • The rise of automation & design tools – don't worry about these, embrace them! Focus on understanding your audience and developing creative and strategic skills

Personal Brand - “If you’re going to create a logo, keep it simple...or perhaps don’t?”

  • A personal brand is great – but don’t overdo it
  • Embrace basic branding principles like having consistent typography, layout and colour schemes across your CV & portfolio

CV - "I once received a CV in a bottle, which I thought was pretty cool”

  • Focus on the UX of your CV more than the UI. People spend 5 seconds reviewing it, so understand what info they want an how best to give it to them
  • Whilst creative CVs are cool, a ‘CV in a bottle’ or a paper airplane probably won't help land your dream gig - so keep it simple!

Portfolio - “Live briefs are literally everywhere – go get em”  

  • If you need to build your portfolio, look to literally any brand (including the local café) and make something for them
  • The platform is irrelevant - just make it accessible and easy to navigate
  • Context is key - show your creative process and contribution to each project

Approaching the job market – “Controversial, but do it”

  • Unashamedly find that email and message those hiring managers 
  • Make use of LinkedIn Recruiter's month free trial and get straight into their DMs
  • Keep the volume and quality of applications equally high and be sure to follow up!

For any hiring managers looking to connect with talent.

Or for any designer seeking advice and guidance.

Don't hesitate to get in touch! :)