It’s my 3 year work anniversary this week, happy anniversary to me 😊

It’s been a long road; I’ve learned a lot with Salt and more about me. I might be 47 but as Sydney J. Harris once said: “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Before joining Salt I made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t stand still, I’d keep moving forward and take myself out of my comfort zone. Before landing here I’d spent 15 years with the same company, coming out of it I remember some mantra’s I had: I needed to have courage, conviction and strength. I needed to treat people with kindness, share a lot and learn a lot. I wanted to reconnect with my belief that finding jobs for people was, and is, a noble career that is doing good, if done well.

It wasn’t easy going again, arriving at a recruitment company full of “winners”. Working with the highly acclaimed top dogs and big billers that “didn’t get me” wasn’t easy. Gaining respect without being a “big biller” is hard. So, I learned about collaborating in a bigger company, when it’s not wanted and when it’s not “needed”, because that’s when it’s tricky.

I learned that even though in my own mind I’m always collaborating/sharing/thinking of the team, I must literally spell out time and time again how working together is better than working alone. We work together, I am not your enemy, we are on the same team! I know they don’t teach that, and it sort of goes with the territory in sales, you control your own destiny and all that. Still, come on, together we are better and even in a larger team and company that’s true. #oneteam #onelove

So, eventually I won the award for synergy, giving a bad acceptance speech at our Christmas party (still learning) and moved forward from the Sales Director role into the Commercial Director role. It’s official, my job is only successful if our whole team is successful. I like that, a lot, it means we all must do a good job working together.

So here we are, finding jobs for people and building teams together, what have I learnt that I can share?

  • Always do the right thing, it’s a small world, maintain your integrity.
  • There’s enough competition already, get over yourself and work with each other.
  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of job title.
  • Never stand still, challenge yourself and move forward.
  • Be yourself, we are all beautiful, unique and individual.
  • Know who you are, what you can offer and what you can learn.
  • There’ll be ups and downs, tomorrow is always a new day.
  • Treat your body well, exercise, sleep and rest. Playing/working hard continuously will burn you out.
  • Say thank you, a lot.

Three years on, what else changed and what’s tomorrow? Well my daughters passed their A Levels and GCSE’s, time doesn’t stand still and you can choose your path. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my brilliant and beautiful wife who supports me every day. Having a solid grounding, knowing my purpose and having real anchors have given me the clarity and focus I’ve needed. Moreover, the love, kindness and empathy I’ve learned being a parent has been a godsend. It’s clear to me that having a willingness to learn, working with a great team, being mindful and respectful, working hard and always contributing to the best of my ability makes me proud.

Tomorrow will bring new experiences, for my team and I, new paths, new journeys, same core values.

Change can be beautiful, autumn highlights this, there’s just something special about this time of year. For me personally it’s a trigger to reflect, reset and rethink my future.

Enough from me, let’s hear from you?