I decided to give recruitment a go during my second year of freedom after college (for the Brits, I was 23). When I shared the exciting (and scary) news of my new adventure with my friends, the better half of them couldn’t help themselves and jumped right in with their “honest” (and not wanted) opinion about recruiters and the horrible experiences they have had. All the reasons they started to rattle off were things I had never even imagined, but four years later, I can understand and appreciate them all. 

I was terrified of what I was getting myself into and the stereotypes, but equally; determined to be different. Rather than only thinking about the obvious results of placing a candidate, I wanted it to be more. I wanted to have real, inspirational conversations with companies and candidates alike, but where would I begin? 

After what felt like hundreds of interviews with agencies that all sounded the same, I walked into Salt and immediately felt something different. One of the main reason’s I joined was for the company values. While not sounding too cheesy, it was actually exciting to me to hear James not trying to sell the idea of commission, but what gets us there; the respect from our clients, and therefore, the respect for ourselves and what we do. 

We all want to stop the “typical recruiter” stereotype, and I constantly remind myself why I chose this career in the first place. When I get stressed or overwhelmed by the highs and lows, and the urge to move quickly, but maybe not so efficiently, I try and remind myself, “You can make this different. You can be different”.

I’m not perfect (I’m sure many can vouch for that, aside from my mum – hi mum!). It’s not a secret that some recruiters have given the industry a bad name over the years, even if we don’t all deserve it! Having worked with recruiters during my job hunt, it made me appreciate the little things. I try and always make the effort to get to know my candidates. And not just on a professional level, what’s winding them up this week, what’s causing an issue in their job hunt and their day to day, too. 

My favorite stories are the ones about candidates that become clients and the kind of clients that reach out five years later because they remember the teams we built together. For some recruiters, it does go further than just money. While it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday recruitment, we are changing lives, and it makes it all worth it.