As a recruiter in the DevOps space, I was blessed enough to find a thriving DevOps community based in KL from which I can keep up with the latest going-ons in the world of DevOps. Every month, this group meets to catch up the latest DevOps news as well as to listen to a number of DevOps professionals present on a topic of their liking. I attended one such meetup at AWS Malaysia in KL Eco City on the 17th of September and it was truly an eye-opening experience.

After some light refreshments were served, the night started off with the Buzz Corner - where the hosts Wendy and Sam would report on things of note in the DevOps world. The report of a holiday leak of more than 200000 call recordings stored in an insecure S3 bucket drew a loud round of laughter given the location of the current event. Another item of note was the report of a security incident within CircleCI. An attacker was able to improperly access some user data in their vendor account, including usernames and email addresses associated with GitHub and Bitbucket, along with user IP addresses and user agent strings. There were quite a few worried-looking faces in the crowd because, while not as popular as Jenkins or Bamboo, CircleCI was still the tool of choice for some in the room. Not all news was bad news though, as the hosts also alerted us to the release of the State of DevOps Report 2019 and encouraged us to check it out for some useful market insights. A few more reports concerning Wireshark, the Cloudflare Learning Center and Hashicorp concluded the Buzz Corner for the night.

That led us to our first speaker of the night, Mr. Karuna. Mr. Karuna is an experienced software developer at Rapid River Software who was there that night to share with us his experience with Kubernetes Migration. Unfortunately, I can’t dive too deeply into the technical aspect of it, but I did note that his client was previously running an astronomical AWS bill and said Kubernetes migration help saved them a chunk of money. 

After Mr. Karuna was done, we moved on to the Job Bulletin part of the night. Anyone in the audience looking to hire IT talent would be allowed the chance to briefly introduce their companies, what they do, and what roles they were hiring for. Some of the more active recruiters were companies like Jewelpaymentech, Rapid River and AWS themselves. I thought that it was an interesting recruitment strategy and I couldn’t help but wonder how much success they would find with it.

Mr. Joel Divekar was up next. Mr. Joel Divekar is the Lead Cloud Architect at Astro and he was there to present on DevSecOps - the integration of IT Security into the DevOps process. He shared with us an incredibly helpful tool known as Lynis - a proven security tool for systems running Linux, macOS, or Unix-based OS. It performs an extensive health scan of these systems to support system hardening and compliance testing. While I was unable to fully grasp and appreciate the technical expertise of Mr. Joel Divekar, I could nonetheless sense his passion talking about Lynis and how it fit into his vision of DevSecOps. 

Once Mr. Joel Divekar was done, there was a quick wrap-up and that was it! It was a great experience - I learned a lot and I will definitely be showing up at the meetup next month!