The first thing that caught our attention at the event was the massive exhibition hall in which Tech companies of all shapes and sizes had set up booths trying to generate leads for whatever products they were selling. 

As we entered, I could sense the many delegates eyeing me hungrily from many backgrounds across the digital landscape from new market entrants like Jandi (a breakthrough cloud document management tool) to big industry players like Fusionex (an established multi-award winning data technology provider).  

It was great having the opportunity to speak with company representatives about their company and the amazing products they had to offer. The companies that intrigued me the most were Wise.Ai (a local facial recognition software company) and Talend (which is expanding their operations in Malaysia). As I worked through booth after booth, I managed to accumulate some fantastic market intelligence on the emerging market where AI meets Data. 

Soon enough, it was time for the guest speakers to share some industry insights regarding hot topics like Big Data, Cloud Computing and Payment Gateways. I was fortunate enough to catch the Director of Operations at Zalora talk about the importance of optimizing payment gateways as a brick-and-mortar business trying to transition into the digital world. As a local, his presentation was peppered with food-related analogies and examples, which made it easy for me as a Malaysian to understand his key message.

I also managed to catch Dr. Toa Charm of OpenCertHub share with us his vision of how Big Data will eventually impact and transform our lives. He also shared what he believed were the best ways to keep up with this new era by highlighting jobs that don’t exist now but will most likely be created in lockstep with the ongoing development of frontier technology (AI, ML, Big Data) and the qualifications needed to carry out these jobs well.

Our Regional Director, Sam Baxendale was also at the event and he was able to enjoy a presentation and round table regarding Industry 4.0 and Malaysia’s progress as an ecosystem that supports accelerated growth in this all important sector. This was superbly delivered by Walter Lee of NEC and K Vicknendran of Siemens, supported by Bobby Varasani as mediator.

Overall, we are extremely grateful to MDEC for hosting such a high profile and well attended event with so many amazing insights on offer in the field of Data and AI. We absolutely look forward to future such opportunities.