In my younger days I was a mad keen badminton fanatic. Sports has always been my passion, but little did I know that those interests would eventually help me in my future life within entirely different pastures! 

I had dreams of playing badminton professionally but alas, there was little money in the sport back in those days and I was forced to earn a crust elsewhere! Fast forward a couple of decades and surprisingly, sports (not just badminton these days but also squash, golf and tennis) would help me in my current incarnation as a Tech/ Digital Recruiter.

Recently, earlier this year, through connections from my social sporting activities here in Hong Kong I placed my badminton playing friend with my squash/ tennis playing friend/ client. A different squash friend has since also become a client of ours at Salt. Golfing in HK has also yielded some good connections that I am leveraging off.  

I guess the lesson learnt is that especially in countries with large (mostly affluent) expat communities such as HK, Singapore, Dubai etc.. sports are a great place to meet and establish meaningful relationships with often senior stakeholders within corporations. 

And the biggest advantage is that the bond/ trust is already there - the shared comradeship that only comes from chasing and walloping a ball/ shuttlecock around a court/ course! Even outside of work, sports has always been a great avenue to establish social connections in every new city I've lived/ worked in. 

So in conclusion, always keep an open mind, open your lungs, sweat it out, and tap in to some great social and business networks wherever you are. For me personally its good to know all those years of training/ sweating it out on the badminton court as a kid has finally paid some financial dividends..  ;-)