Project Managers are one of my specialties in tech recruitment. Why? Because I know what a good Project Manager profile looks like. I switched from working in-house IT to be a Digital tech recruiter simply because I find working with people much more interesting than spending many hours in front of the computer. Nevertheless, I still have a passion for technology, I am a huge fan of IoT, my home is full of weird gadgets, the latest of which I connected my Google Home Assistant to my toilet seat bidet so that I can say “Hey Google, clean my … ” and it will do just so.

Came from industry, I used to manage the portfolio for a large MNC retail, on a weekly basis, I would receive updates from Project Managers on project status, financial updates, risks, changes, the usual. I worked with Project Managers from various verticals, the experience was amazing, the knowledge I gained, I can practically apply to anything!

Having switched to recruitment, I still see a lot of similarities, I go through different project phases in the recruitment processes, lots of communication, managing stakeholders, risk management, scheduling, financials, negotiation – sounds just like the BAU duties of a Project Manager. The biggest difference is, back in the MNC, I did not have competitors trying to finish off my projects for me 🤓

I have spoken to lots of different project managers from different backgrounds, one immediate realisation was that the ones who are articulate REALLY stand out and it is the first characteristic that hiring manager assesses the candidate on. The conversion rate is also much higher for those who can speak multilingual at a clear and concise level.

I find myself somewhat advantageous as there are certain candidates who are not so willing to chat, once I tell them I come from industry, they start to open up, the conversation would take off much smoother than it would, given how a certain population of IT talent are introverts, it really helps to open up conversations.