So my question is, should the word “meat” even be used in the name of a plant-based product? I came across some provocative marketing Meat alternative packaging that isn't "preachy" and thought what does this mean for marketers? Being able to target the health-conscious, ethically minded, sustainable consumers, well that is every organisation's dream! But is it right to package a chicken substitute that is made with lean plant protein as Chicken or are we misleading the public?

I believe there is a fine line between using language that can be misappropriated, it can be incredibly detrimental to an industry, recently a global burger chain launched a plant-based burger alternative, a great initiative to cater to the vegetarian, vegan and non-meat eaters has since being crucified for cooking theses patties on meat fat soaked grills which has lead consumers to label the product as “misleading, big fail”.

Marketer’s will need to be savvy and also aware that the wording they may use could be offensive so will need demonstrate mindfulness of where boundaries could be crossed. 

So what is going to be on your knife and fork?