This week I read a fascinating article from Tech Republic regarding Guido van Rossum check it out if you haven't already  And this got me thinking, how much value is put on side projects? 

As part of the Tech team Salt  I work with Developers and love this vertical as I'm surrounded by talent who are curious by nature, continuous learning is a given and due to the pace that the world is changing, to remain relevant spend their own time, unpaid on side projects learning and immersing themselves in new technology, programming languages, and various updates. I recently met a candidate who runs each side project (React was his most recent) to simulate projects within his permanent position - creating timelines, deliverables, and measuring his success which I think is impressive. And although I promote these side projects when submitting talent to clients, unfortunately, at times these projects can be overlooked.  The market is calling for experienced talent, ideally who will provide an immediate "ROI", and with a pool of talent in New Zealand only so big, I would love to see clients be open to discussing these side projects further and looking at the talent rather than just the work experience. Here's a thought, every talented and leading Developer that sits within an organisation was once a Junior Dev with no experience. And to think without one particular side project one of the world's leading programming language may not exist!  

So what value do you place on side projects?