Its eleven o’clock on a weeknight... I am getting ready to sleep as  it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow at work… I took my mobile phone telling myself, "OK just spend 5 minutes briefly scanning through social media to see what my friends are up to"...........

Two hours have passed and I am still wide awake scrolling on my phone! The culprit? “FOOD VIDEOS”. Yup, If you are like me, spending hours watching those cooking videos online,  you can take comfort that you are not alone. In fact you are one among millions of people who are captivated with watching this kind of ‘foodie’ content.

Tasty, Cookat and Food Network, to name a few have been dominating the social media space most recently. In fact, Tasty alone has a whopping 97 million subscribers globally while Food network has 37 million followers on Facebook.  So, how are these incredibly simple videos that pop up on your Instagram or Facebook feed, showing sped-up recipes becoming an online phenomenon?

It’s compact and concise. 

Most of these videos last for about one or two minutes, which is just the right amount of time when trying to get the audience’s attention. Now that’s easy breezy compared to watching a full hour cooking show on TV or scrolling through cook books.  Its simple, fast paced and visual steps help viewers watch them until the end and this contributes to an increase in engagement rate.  

Patronage from the Millennials. 

A recent study from Milward Brown Digital shows that nearly half of all adults that watch food videos on Youtube are in the millennial range (aged 18 to 34), watching 30% more food content on YouTube, on average than other demographics. Millennials are more inclined to watch food videos as they are looking for creative inspiration or just simply looking to improve their cooking skills. Millennials also use their mobile phones to search recipes than printed materials. Plus, they are also the most active in sharing food videos and pictures via Instagram.

Personally, I find watching these food videos a fun, informative and wholesome source of entertainment online.  Who doesn’t get put off sometimes with so much sleazy content on social media from fake news, violent and egotistical posts?  Whether you are relaxing in your sofa after a though day at work to help relax or to seek some extra inspiration, these food videos are guaranteed to keep you fascinated.