Last week I was lucky enough to attend a local Fintech’s Hackday which was the perfect opportunity for me to gather a deeper understanding of the practices, culture and what’s involved during these quarterly events. I have been successfully working with this innovative business over the past few months, helping them build out their team of talented individuals. 

With significant funding and a bright future ahead the past few months have been a crucial time for them to recruit the right individuals as they scale and continue their journey. 

A Hackday’s key purpose is to enhance and encourage internal innovation, team collaboration and can unlock many benefits that will stay within the organisation for years to come. The team gathered in the boardroom with their laptops and the games commenced!  

The day allows each developer /engineer to equally share their ideas which ranged from; cost saving suggestions using Sorbet (a fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby), innovative payment plans for the customer, and the design of Ruby chat boxes. The day ultimately gives everyone the opportunity to explore new principles outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. 

A developer on the team explored the concept of a Ruby based chat box which historically had always been designed in JavaScript. He went as far as designing his own logo and posting onto the company’s Slack. The project enabled him to explore and integrate DevOps principles and gave him exposure to Machine Learning, something he otherwise would not have been exposed to in his current position. 

More suggestions were shared over Slack such as the ‘HR Bomb’ idea, that tickled most around the table, which automatically ousted any ‘toxic’ messages sent on the platform and replaced them with an entertaining ‘Bomb’ in the form of comical GIFs on the  screen. 

The Hack event consisted of idea sharing and inquiry along with some humour to end the night. It was  an awesome exercise and refreshing to see so much entrepreneurial flair and synergy developed between the team members. 

I believe creative outlets like this are pivotal to employee happiness in organisations and promote inclusion throughout the business. It also helps businesses stay on top of, and improve, modern workplace platforms and operations as well as innovate and make suggestions to improve customer experience. 

It was great to be a part of this and I am looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds for them - I have a feeling its going to be a very bright one :)