I’m Marvelle Kala, currently in Year 10 at Sacred Heart School, and I was at Salt to do my work experience for a week. 

During my week at Salt, I was put into the Sales and Consulting team working alongside my brother and the rest of the team. I was given a variety of tasks this week like resourcing candidates via LinkedIn and Jobscience, finding new business leads, listening in on client/candidate calls and attending meetings. At first, I was tasked with finding new business leads online. It was monotonous work, but it taught me how to focus over long periods and how to work quickly in timed conditions which are important skills that I will take back with me to use in the future.

After, I went out on meetings to see first-hand how interviews between clients and consultants work. Here is where I also had valuable one-to-one time with successful clients, where I could ask about their career choices, tips and advice to give me more insight and understanding about how I could have the best possible career. For example, I met a Partner at a top consulting firm with over 30 years’ experience. I also had the chance to interview Salt CEO, Elliot Dell. I asked questions about his personal and professional life to try and unravel the secrets on how he constantly motivates this company to greater success, whilst taking good care of his employees.

This week, I really enjoyed doing the Marketing tasks, where I got to design different post ideas for the company’s Instagram, it was a much more exciting task than what I was doing before because I got to play around with different designs and colours before I got to my final design. Finally, I went onsite to an A.I start-up where I got a tour of the office, a demo of their product and found out more about their business from the Head of Data Science.

This week has been helpful because it helped me understand what I like and what I don’t like about the working world which has prepared me for when I do enter the working world. It also highlighted what I’m good at and what I’m not so strong at which allows me time to work on those things so I can be better equipped for when I do enter the working world for real. 

Work experience has got me thinking more about my future and I am more optimistic for the future. I now understand more about life after school and I’m prepared for what’s to come because now I know what I want to do.

Work experience at a company like Salt opens your eyes so you can experience work life because it pulls you out of your bubble and drops you in the field of work. Without this experience I wouldn’t be equipped with the skills I needed to excel in my professional life, and everyone should do work experience to give them a better chance for a brighter future.

Thank you to Salt for providing me with this opportunity to experience my first taste of work, because now my future has just started.