I’m Harry Story Dartford and I attend HACH Sixth form in Chafford where I’m studying my first year of Business, going on to my second.

I participated in many things throughout the week which I enjoyed consisting of working with the Finance team at Salt. They showed me how to analyse and assess company outflows that allows them to keep track of spending or overspending. This meant matching receipts with online ones, coding each one and then putting it on to the system. This may sound simple enough but as I learned quickly you must be organised or otherwise it's game over from the start. 

Anthony Bonsu especially helped me throughout the week, making me feel as part of the team as soon as I arrived. I probably would not have enjoyed it as much without his guidance.

I also spent some time with the Marketing team. Once again the staff were fantastic, very friendly, and welcoming. They tasked me with an Instagram audit, where I had to give them my point of view and feedback on Salt's Instagram account. I then got the chance to get involved with some Graphic Design, creating Instagram posts and stories to help Salt market themselves to their Instagram audience and stand out. Being a user of the site made it even more enjoyable so working with them was right up my street.

Adding on to this, I also learned how the Salt website is used and how the countries have different sites. This means data must be switched from site to site as every country Salt work with have to have a different website so managing that is complex. Also, if one site is updated, they all have to be, so there is a lot more to them than I ever thought - and that’s just moving parts of the website!

I was warmly welcomed by all of Salt's staff that I came across, in fact, the thing I enjoyed the most was the friendly atmosphere. 

I would have never of thought working in the Finance department would be as much fun. Salt is the first office environment I’ve had the chance to work in and it's been an experience to remember. I really liked how well staff are treated and even though they are working there is trust between manager and employee. Compared to what I thought an office job would be like, my heads been blown out the water and I’m truly thankful for the experience.

Being at Salt allowed me to experience various options in the business world. On arriving, I was interested in Digital Analysing but after learning about Finance and Marketing, as well as Digital Analysing, I’m unsure.

My advice for someone in the same position as me doing work experience is to make the most of it. Every department you go to; ask questions and get to grips with what you really want to do. This may benefit you in the long run as I found out maybe the thing I wanted to do will be less fun than something you don’t even know about.