Ever considered temping?

Did you know that almost one-quarter of employers say they utilise temps regularly and the number of people choosing to temp has increased in the last five years by 21%. So, it is evident that this market is growing!

I have worked in the contingent space for many years and one thing I have realised is that everyone has questions about this market, but they don’t quite know where to get the answers from. It can be a challenge knowing where to start! My advice would be that you take your time. Do your research and truly understand the market before you take the plunge!

So, if you do decide to try the Temping, what’s in it for you?

  • You will have the control.
  • You will gain valuable experience working with a range of companies and industries,
  • Flexibility to work when you want to – You call the shots!
  • You can fit work around your lifestyle.
  • You can gain new skills and learn new software.
  • You may find your perfect permanent job!

The contingent market can offer you a wide range of options and if you are taking a career break, studying, moving overseas or perhaps you just need flexibility and can’t commit to a permanent situation? There is a myriad of great reasons to try temping.  Why not give it a go and discover the benefits!