Since we’re very passionate about the Malaysia Digital Economy at Salt, when the latest MABC event was announced for a panel discussion around Future Skills and what organisation’s need to maintain their competitive edge in 2020 and beyond, we were delighted to attend.

The panel was moderated by Chris Williams from the Australian Institute of Management, Western Australia and saw representation from senior HR leadership from S P Setia, Tenaga (TNB), UEM Edgenta and UiTM. The representation reflected the need to address future skills throughout all levels of organisations and also in preparing the next generation of Malaysian talent for these working environments.

There was a consistent message throughout the evening around the importance of data in understanding the external environment while looking at how this could be use to create efficiencies and also positively impacting the internal working culture. The biggest challenge in digital transformation across business is in effective change management across cross-generational workforce where Gen Y and Millennials embrace digital technology as work aids while Gen X can often see it was a threat to their existence.

If you’re looking to stay ahead in an increasingly digital economy and prepare yourself for the future of business then the takeaway seems to be a willingness to embrace change. Many back-office jobs are ripe for automation and while these jobs still exist today, they reality is that there will be a drastic decline in these areas over the next 5 years.