I attended the launch of Techweek NZ this morning with my colleague Elena Shanks. What a start to the week and I understand the only nationwide tech festival in the world.... So what thoughts did I come away with..

  • Fundamentally technology changes and shapes the world
  • Kiwis often punch above their weight 
  • NZ’s distance from the rest of the world should no longer be a disability
  • Organisations should look locally to find a solution as it is often available or if not, creative tech can find a solution
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Innovation break through come from 1000’s of ideas that come together
  • Gaming industry in NZ promotes diversity and inclusiveness
  • Knowledge is lead by innovation
  • The future will require people that learn how to think not what to think
  • Organisations need to be globally focused from day one
  • NZ is one of the easiest countries to do business in and one of the least corrupt

And finally …. “What is possible, can we make it possible, so let’s make it possible”