It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time out to write a blog, but a scenario we encountered with a client last week got me thinking… 2 candidates at final interview and a client completely torn between which one to hire.  Both candidates came with their own merits, both aligned culturally, and it was just a trade-off between seniority vs. availability.

After recruiting for more 10 years, it’s a quandary I’ve seen plenty of times. Hiring is frequently approached in a one-dimensional ‘square peg into a square hole’ manner. So, what did we do? 

We proposed a not-so-wacky solution… 

“Ms. Hiring Manager, why not hire both candidates?”

Why would we do that you ask? We’d been briefed on one role. The client required one headcount. Isn’t life always about making choices? Love or money? Work or play? Tea or coffee? iOS or Android? Heads or tails?? 

Why should recruiting talent be any different?

Here’s my confessional. It wasn’t my first time asking that question and hopefully anybody that’s spent even 6 months working in a respectable agency-side headhunting role will breathe a sigh of relief and hold on the ‘Captain Obvious’  comments. However, let me tell you why it’s becoming an even more essential question today.

The national unemployment rate in Malaysia last month (Feb 2019) sat at 3.2%. Last year it sat at 3.4% and it’s projected to slide further towards 3.0% over the next 6 months – and Malaysia’s not alone. [1] 

Hong Kong was unchanged at a 21-Year low while Singapore sat at 2.2%. A little further from home UK’s jobless rate dropped to a new 44-Year low and Germany was back to it’s 39-Year low. So much for the struggling Eurozone!

The number’s paint a clear picture. 

No matter where you are in the world, top talent is scarce and top talent is employed. If you’re in the market for digital talent, working for a digital recruitment specialist means I can confidently tell you that those numbers are definitely on the generous side. If top talent is scarce and employed, hiring top digital talent is like finding hen’s teeth.

In 2019 if you want to position your business an industry leader it’s not all about digital transformation technology. The most integral investment you will make is in human capital. Human capital will provide your organisation with the skills and capabilities to deliver on its digital ambition, which makes a proactive and agile hiring strategy essential.  

It’s not often that the recruitment process is compared to waiting for a bus, but as the saying goes, “You wait ages for one – and then two come along at the same time!”  

The good news is that unlike buses, you don’t have to choose between two candidates – you can hire both.