International Women's Day is coming up and it's happening again...

I hear things like: "Why do we need a special day for women?", "What about men?", "Is this not something we have overcome now?", and "Women and men are equal now, right?"

I just cannot take it anymore! YES, we need International Women's Day - more than ever. To continue to discuss, fight for, remind ourselves of and progress with gender equality. 

Yes, men and women are equal - in theory, and before the law - and at least in the country, I live in. But if you look at statistics like the gender pay gap or how many women actually hold leadership positions compared to men, it paints quite a different picture. And that's just looking at the most progressive, liberal countries in the world. 

Here are some stats to show you what I mean:

  • The gender pay gap in the UK is still at 17.9% 
  • Only 9% of Germany's top 100 C-suite leaders are women
  • In the US men outnumber women as managers with 68% to 32% 
  • Women are twice more likely to be mistaken for someone more junior

Women are underrepresented or outnumbered in leadership positions and many other aspects of life:

  • Worldwide, women hold just 24% of seats in parliaments
  • Women lead only 13 of 195 countries
  • Women were awarded 15% of scientific prizes

and the list goes on, and on, and on...

That's why we need international women's day and that's why we are not done yet.

And while we are at it: If you think the above statistics should change and want gender equality, then you are a feminist! And that's a good thing.