The KL Salt team was delighted to attend a very interesting networking event organised by MABC and hosted at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This was a panel event titled -Understanding Cryptocurrencies in an era of FIAT currencies.

It was a lively debate moderated very professionally by Bobby Varasani, which allowed each panelist to give their views on the state of play of cryptocurrencies here in Malaysia. Topics covered included discussions around demystifying certain terminology, providing explanations and certain market definitions as well as what the current and future application may be. We also heard about some global context including the fact that Korea is the number 1 for adoption and the dominance of Wechat and Alibaba in the payments market in China.

As a recruitment firm we were also particularly keen to get some perspective from the speakers regarding the implications for the job market here in Malaysia and it does seem there is work to be done to get the talent pool here poised and upskilled for such new developments in the market.

Overall, we found it to be a stimulating and informative debate with a very high quality crowd and participation.

Thankyou to MABC for hosting and we look forward to attending similar future events.

Panel: Edmund Yong - Partner Kento Levin Advisory; Joe McGuire - CEO MyMy Cards; Norita Ja'afar - CEO Crypto Exchange; Vincent Fong - Fintech News Malaysia