Contracting is a growth area and I speak to more candidates that are seeking the move to contracting, than contractors who are wanting to join an organization permanently. 

Why contracting, a Tech Republic article suggested by 2028 45% of tech jobs will be freelance, according to a Porch report  This would be in line with the increased number of developers currently in permanent positions that are wanting to make the move into contracting – why?  Within the technology space, one of the main factors is the ability to be exposed to new technology because in the world we live in, digital transformations are the new norm and developers need to stay ahead of the pack. How do you do this contracting?

I find this can be a conundrum as clients are calling out for contractors that have experience with a particular tech stack, however, how can you gain the experience with new technology if you are not using it? Side projects are often my suggestion to developers and I must say a large % are working on multiple side projects that can demonstrate their ability and understanding.  A candidate I spoke with recently creates all of his projects to mirror timelines and delivery as in the case of a work project - he puts himself under pressure to deliver. These side projects do need to be highlighted on a contractor's resume however this is not always the case and to be competitive in the current market your resume needs to showcase your abilities. 

If you are a contractor I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy contracting!