I’ve been reading heaps about AI and how robots are not only going to replace recruiters but take over the world. Only this morning I watched a short video about an amphibious robot that could move through land, sea, sand and snow! I’ve long been saying that the role of the recruiter is to provide expert coaching, advice and guidance through the interview process, nothing new there. However, it’s becoming increasingly more important to be relevant even before the recruitment process has commenced. 

Your community.

Your talent pool, active shortlist, universe or community, call it what you want but if this is made up of just “live” candidates then you are in some serious competition with direct hirers and other recruiters. These candidates are the ones that AI tools will be able to draw out much quicker than you. To be seen as a true value-add then you need to be immersed in a community of candidates who are “passive” (not applying to every job under the sun but maybe open to that awesome niche opportunity). If you are engaged with strong unique talent before they are even considering a new career then you have a real point of difference.

So, how do you get to this point?

Recruitment marketing: 

This set of strategies can be deployed to attract and engage with future candidates’ way before they decide to potentially apply. This concept follows a number of stages including attention or awareness, desire or interest, action or application, finally moving through to placement or conclusion. Enlightened recruiters will have built a personal brand and will be able to effectively market themselves to their chosen audience. 

Some of the tools and techniques that form part of recruitment marketing include: 

Social platforms: You should ensure that you are active on social platforms and are creating a strong online personal brand. Make sure people know what your specialisation is and be the “go-to” person 

Blogging: A great way for you to get your message out and demonstrates you are more than just a transactional recruiter. Think about what your community would want to hear from you and what you are qualified to comment on. 

Meet Ups: A robot can’t attend an event and talk passionately about your company and what’s happening in the market. Getting along to meet ups shows a genuine interest and provides a superb opportunity to promote yourself as a thought leader 

Customer experience: It’s been commented on before in previous posts that customer experience is everything. Now you have built a community of exceptional talent you need to look after them through providing a sophisticated service including regular updates and relevant content.