Edging closer to a new year, reflecting a little whilst contemplating recruiting, hiring and talent.

Recruiting is a hard job and finding good recruiters is an almost impossible task. Even with the relentless onslaught of new recruitment technologies, the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the various automated methods available to streamline the process of hiring, our job as recruiters still has real meaning.

Good recruiters are a good thing, finding good recruiters is a hard thing, our value is in the people.

We should be proud every day for the work we do, we should treat our position with the respect it deserves. We should also be brave enough to apply “radical candour”, being both caring and direct, in your feedback loops when things don’t go so well. See Kim Scott’s bestselling book Radical Candor—The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss.

If you are a recruiter, or working with a recruiter, consider what value means in our service, what are you really giving and in return what you can expect?

If our value is in each person, then each person should be “human kind”, unique, individual, creative and be anchored with good values driving their behaviours.

Spend time really understanding your values, your personal moral compass and those driven by the best employers:

Integrity – doing the right thing, no matter what. Being proud of yourself for the work you do. Acting with humility and respect for the role you play, creating futures and changing lives impacts everyday lives, every day!

Dynamic – having energy every moment, making it happen. Motivating with creativity to find a way. Bringing new ideas whilst finding jobs for people, solving problems for people hiring talent and for people finding jobs.

Expertise – using your knowledge to influence an individual’s career ambitions, offering your experience to companies developing their teams, their most important asset. Inspiring your colleague and peers in the art of recruitment.

Achievement – celebrating success in the moment, taking time to say well done to yourself and your team. You either win or you learn, so share your wins as you successfully reach each step along your journey.

Synergy – working together as one to combine your talent into the sum, co-operating with your clients to give them the choices they are looking for. Working with your candidates and all their needs to let them determine their own path. Sharing the load with your team mates.

"People who have no values have no value" Burton Hill.

Ask yourself what is it that a good recruiter looks for from their employer? You’ll likely find those answers will include:

  • Culture that inspires creativity
  • The ability to make a difference
  • Amazing senior management 😊
  • Outstanding compensation for all
  • And more

Recruiting as it was yesterday is no longer enough, recruiting now demands more value, those with an eye on tomorrow will succeed.

In a people business, we can create our own future, we can keep doing what we love and with love we can do it well.