Following the recent TVNZ - NZ Marketing Awards, 3 of the winners were represented at today's Brainy Breakfast to talk about the campaign strategy that shaped their planning and communications.

T&G Global – ‘Lotatoes’ - Best Marketing on a Shoestring (ha!) Budget

T&G Global partnered up with Tenfold Creative facing the challenge of trying to get people excited about potatoes. Identifying that the humble spud is NZ’s favourite vegetable but recognising trends to a global low carb movement - T&G sought out a type that has 40% less carbs as well as numerous other health benefits. Facing an initial lacklustre response from retailers and a highly suspicious consumer market they capitalised on the ‘NZ grown’ and GMO free aspects with a catchy 'dad joke punchline' product name of ‘Lotatoes’. Using a very modest budget it resonated with the public and went into 100% distribution immediately and was so successful they temporarily ran out of stock! Who wouldn't want healthy natural locally grown carbs that are low in carbs?

Glow Lab Natural Skincare – Best Emerging Brand

Spotting a gap in the market, Glow Lab identified their core customer base of active females aged 20-44. After surveys and research they noted that with a lot of eco friendly natural skin products there is a level of compromise; efficacy and poor absorption. Promoting the a product as one developed locally in labs by women for women, they drove awareness with a 3 month digital campaign. This included sampling, word of mouth, extensive store activation, trial packs, PR and social media. They found that in particular that beauty influencers, and celebs with their much wider instagram reach was hugely successful.

Within 1 year they increased their market share by 21% and was the fastest growing brand, now expanding their footprint past skincare into a whole new range of products and are growing world wide. 

I'm outside the target demographic obviously but I now have a free sample, so will let you know how I get on :) 

AA Home Response – Supreme Award

With a solid brand awareness for AA (For our overseas readers, AA means Automobile Association, not well... you know!) the challenge is that the motor industry is facing radical change and disruption. To stay relevant they applied what they do well beyond their automotive roots to home emergency services. Noting that trust and reliability are the key concerns with customers needing plumbers and electricians in a hurry they partnered with an overseas company who can deliver those services. Key in this new collaborative relationship was to ‘act like a start-up’ and take a fresh approach.

Central to the campaign was a series of ads with ‘Mr Reliable’ and to provide value to existing customers.

Key takeaways here were looking for trends, pivoting, testing and taking those learnings, listening to the customers, collaboration and realising building mass awareness is difficult for new propositions.

Catch you next time!