The TIOBE Programming index for October is out with some interesting insights into the world of programming ( and it's frighteningly similar to the English Premier League.

The top 8 most popular languages have been stable for many years with the powerhouses of Java, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, C#, VB.Net and Python accounting for 62% of the entire index alone. These are your Champions League and UEFA Cup stalwarts (Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham etc) who’ve made camp and are consistently high-performing and popular. Whilst all the top 8 have ambitions of claiming the number one spot, Man City… I mean Java… is hard to ignore as it holds a 17.8% stake with only C having any chance of knocking it off. C'mon the mighty Liverpool!!!

Where the most volatility and intrigue has happened is in the 9-20 spots. Swift and Go have come into the premier league at 100mph and have gone up 6 and 8 places respectively since this time last year. Will they continue their meteoric rises into top 10 territory and become the Bournemouth and Wolves’ of programming? Time will tell.

If I was managing Ruby, Perl, Delphi or Assembly I’d be having some stern words on the training ground as they’ve all lost traction since Oct2017. As with any struggling team (Man Utd fans look away…) some key signings, new tactics and management (libraries, frameworks, tools, partnerships) could change everything, so watch this space.

Every year pundits keep saying this is the most open and exciting English Premier League there’s ever been. Joking aside, this is a sign of the times. Software Engineers today are using more tech than ever before, and this perpetual growth and diversity in tech creates competition. Competition powers innovation, and every app, website and SaaS product we use is benefiting from this.

What an awesome time to be involved in the global tech community!