Recruiting for EUC transformations used to be relatively easy and straight forward, and most transformations involved companies utilizing existing staff more than hiring teams externally.

Since the development of complex EUC solutions to enhance the modern workplace, much more specific skills are required.

Desktop environments would be upgraded in quite a simple (in comparison) manner, but these days due partly to the long list of Office 365 products and variety of options, much more is required to ensure that this is done with the greatest impact and suitability to the company.

From a recruitment perspective this increases the need to hire specific skills, and more importantly couple that with a strong Business Change team that will engage consistently, communicate well and train thoroughly. 

You will be changing the way that your whole company works, not just what tools they use. It is very beneficial but only if it is done right. Otherwise, it is very disruptive, and not to scaremonger, but you will lose staff and lower morale if people can't do their job to it's fullest. 

As with everything change is often good, but communication of that change is paramount for engagement.