Sometimes we make things more difficult than they ought to be.

When we over-use buzzwords, for instance, and so separate concepts from one another and from the people / situations to which they're most relevant.

I'm making a conscious effort to not do this, though admittedly it can be tough.

To give an example,

Yesterday around mid-morning I caught up with a white male millennial friend who's getting married to hear how he's doing;

had breakfast with a woman a generation my senior and learned all sorts of awesome things about her life & career;

bonded (over the phone) with a new friend on the west coast over the idiosyncrasies of Labradoodles and the complexities of his work designing software for blue collar clients;

enjoyed a picnic lunch outside my office with my Vietnamese in-laws;

and joined my wife & daughter after work in a playground filled with fun, smart, athletic children (all, except us, demographically black or Caribbean).

Were my interactions with each of them always perfectly empathetic to the diversity of human experience and perspective?

Probably not.

That said, it seems fair to say, when we experience a day like that, attending well (or not) to each interaction, practicing empathy (or not) in how we express ourselves or think, that is the time when battles for "Empathy" and "Diversity", "Social Responsibility" and "Ethics in AI" are won or lost.

NOT that panels and presentations, mission statements and self-branding don't help as well. (They do!) But let's not imagine (after an inspiring talk, e.g.) that it all sounds nice but the work itself is TOO HARD to do.

The work is all around us in our daily choices - the ways we spend our time, who we think about, how we interact. Every day is a fresh opportunity. 

It's that simple.