People are nice.

After a little while of creating futures, helping people on their journey, seeing pathways form and accelerate, hearing and listening to lots of feedback, I took a moment to reflect.

We are one and the same, and yet we are all unique.

Your clients and your candidates are the same people, look after them and treat them well.

It's your personal style that sets you apart. Be a net giver, say thank you, give praise and celebrate success, offer advice, challenge thinking.

Become known for your personal integrity. Recruitment has been known for being underhand and sneaky. Give honest feedback, call back, be truthful and decent, don't bite the hand that feeds you, don’t poach.

Good recruiters are a good thing and we are worth it.

If you're in doubt, check yourself and remember:

We advise.

We bring the best people to the table.

We are creative, the problem may have several solutions.

We give you choice.

We think about diversity and inclusion.

We are ambitious for you.

We never compromise on our personal integrity.

We find jobs for people.

We build teams for greatness.

Be Proud of who you are :)

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