Perth, Australia’s fourth most populated city, is a beautiful place with stunning beaches and a vibrant multi-cultural creative scene. Traditionally the centre of Australia’s mining sector it boasts stunning award-winning architecture and often ranks highly on the world’s most liveable cities. Whilst it may be one of the most remote cities in the world, this doesn’t stop this amazing place having a thriving digital and creative community.

When you think of Western Australia’s economy you automatically think of the mining industry and it's certainly true that this has insulated the state’s coffers for a number of years. When we start to consider the changing economic landscape, it should first be noted that the face of the mining sector has changed and now embraces technology to complete traditional tasks all over the state. 

Along with the large enterprise hirers Perth has an extremely vibrant digital and creative scene with some amazing companies producing superb work every day. It was noted that there are well over 500+ digitally focused companies now operating in the Perth region, it was also estimated that the digital & creative sector could contribute circa $80M+ to the state by the mid-2020’s. The government has certainly taken notice and this thriving industry is effectively supported by a city council that places a high value on nurturing businesses by supporting events such as Startup Weekend and West Tech Fest. The development of Kings Square is also another reason why Perth is quickly becoming a major centre for business.

Sydney and Melbourne may be well established in the digital and creative space but the future’s certainly bright for this coastal city founded by James Stirling back in 1829