All the Salt family were back in the office yesterday after the long weekend and it was awesome to see everyone pumped up for the new quarter. Rather than just getting back into the day to day routine we took some time out to recap what we did right and what we can improve upon for the next quarter.

We were eager to ensure that we didn’t take our foot off the gas and wanted to analyse what had made us stand out from the crowd. Whilst you may think that some of the below is pretty basic stuff, it's worth asking yourself: are you living and breathing these every day?

Working on Fillable & Billable roles only

It’s vital that you have a pipeline of roles which will actually result in placements. If clients are looking for something that simply doesn’t exist, then it’s your job as their recruiter to provide solid consultative advice and guidance. Asking in-depth probing questions will give a much more comprehensive understanding of the role and help to match the perfect candidates. We don’t work on job specs we work detailed job briefs.

Acting as a Coach 

The onslaught of new AI technology means there will be more & more tools out there that will mine CVs quicker than humans. Our core skill, as Recruiters, is understanding the brief, establishing solid relationships and providing comprehensive coaching to our candidates throughout the interview process. A thorough interview prep can be the difference between a candidate landing a role or not. This is a skill that a machine cannot replicate.

Being a brand ambassador 

It’s been said before and it's worth saying again, recruitment is a form of marketing and it’s our job to take our clients brand to market. Every candidate should have a positive experience regardless if they end up as a placement or not. We need to know what the client does for its employees and why people want to work for them. If you really believe in the brand, then your candidates will too.

Getting out into the field

The days of just sitting behind a PC grazing on CVs day after day are well and truly gone. Candidates and clients want subject matter experts who can provide sound market advise and have a complete understanding of their chosen recruiting field. We have attended several meetups, been invited to various company launches and even been guest speakers at industry conferences. Being “visible” to our clients and candidates has led to us often being the first port of call.


There are always new challenges in recruitment, but we fully believe that if we keep doing the above it will lead to happy days ahead!

Good luck one and all