I recently saw this quote “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” Jerzy Gregorek.

Which got me thinking, being an eternal optimist, I don’t naturally think “what if…”

I, like a lot of people, see the goals and the big picture, I aspire to achieve and set targets in my personal life and professional career without thinking through the possibilities that I will not realise them.

The cost of inaction can be emotional, physical, financial, etc. So, what might be the benefits of an attempt or partial success be? My own cost of inaction is burned hard in my memory and I often find myself thinking "what if..."

Only when you have a major incident or experience in your life will you change your behaviours for good. Why wait for it to happen though?

Why not plan for the worst outcome, visualise the scenario and act as if it will happen.

There’s no need to put yourself in the worst-case scenario without mentally, physically, financially preparing yourself. 

Find a way that works for you to set a list of your fears, I had to think of the opposites to my dreams and goals. You have to think about the things that you are afraid of, examples not being promoted/losing your house / being "found out" / there are plenty I am sure. Think of the things that could happen that you definitely do not want to happen and write them down.

This may seem stressful, or extreme, but it will be better than your fears actually coming true, in which case you will get stressed (to say the least). There are lots of forms of stress and everyone will react differently when the shit hits the fan. Stress, still “taboo”, is a killer, I suggest you plan to avoid.

Create post-traumatic growth opportunities instead.