Who here commutes to work with a travel time upwards of, let's say, half an hour or more?  Just about everyone. 

In our world of technology and accessibility to the hordes of information, there is not a lot of opportunities to be bored.  I watch the throngs of people and sombre faces trace along walkways, cycleways, in buses, trains and vehicles wearing the latest Beats by Dre headphones.  No doubt listening to their favourite #1’s. 

As much as I love to continue to add to my hearing loss, I have found a new way to pass the time winding my way through 1.5hrs of traffic both ways.  And that is the wonderful world of Podcasts.  I am surprised to learn that the purple Podcast app button on the humble iPhone is often unknown to many.  I can only imagine Android has something similar?

So what is this all about?

If anything, simply a plug for podcasts and the unlimited information at hand available to you and its good, if you choose wisely you will uncover some astonishingly sensational presenters and topics. 

My personal picks are a combination of sports, history, business and nutrition which happen to be my personal and professional interests.  I listen to these in the car, running, at the gym and even sometimes at my desk (don’t tell the boss)!  I am better off for them and feel like I have a daily injection from the world most respected leaders, commentators and personal coaches.

My picks are:

Rich Roll @richroll  - A man who turned his life around as an over-weight, down and out lawyer, and mediocre man experiencing “average” at best.  A slave to the fast food world and consumerism, Rich made the decision at the age of 40 that something needs to change.  Fast forward ten years and he was listed by Men's Health in the top ten world's most fittest men and advocate for a plant-based wholefood lifestyle. 

The Robcast by Rob Bell – Believe it or not, he is a mega church pastor gone rogue and stepped away from conventional religion and speaks about life, spirituality and all things amazing but with a realistic outlook on the world.  Rob has toured with Oprah and interviewed the Deli Lama and the Pope live on stage in a debate.  This mans perspective on the world will simply blow your mind. 

Trail Runner Nation – Interviews by two highly respected and achieved ultra runners.  These two guys manage to wrangle the greatest trail runners, often fresh of massive wins like Mont Blanc, Western States and Leadville for probing intense and sometimes controversial Q&A.  Plenty of training and nutritional tips

Dan Carolins – Hardcore History.   A must for anyone with an interest in world history, moments the shaped and crafted the world as we know it and from an angle where you (at times) need to pause the podcast and think about the words heard.  New researched angles on topics that you thought were thrashed to death, breathing life and colour into and allowing you to believe you may actually be there, in the moment. Amazing.

How about you, are you listening to Podcasts and can you recommend some to me?  I would love to know!