Over the last week, the Salt team in New Zealand have celebrated three special anniversaries, Susan and Fili 13 years with Salt and Claire 11 years with Salt. This made me think about employee turnover and what is important to different people when it comes to choosing an organisation to work for and what makes staff stick around to reach these milestones! I decided to ask Fili, Claire, and Susan these very questions.

Susan said it is important to her to work with ‘like-minded’ people and with an organisation that matches her values. She said this might sound cheesy but is absolutely true! “Working with a ‘family’ that you know you can trust explicitly and who work in a similar way to you is crucial’ Susan believes that the team she works with treat all their customers be it candidates or clients with honesty and integrity.

Fill is the rock of Salt and joined the Salt family 13 years ago, initially in a temporary capacity, but the team saw what an awesome person she was and the difference she made and we snapped her up permanently. Fili said her role has always remained an interesting challenge and of course she has loved watching Salt grow over the years.

Claire said what was important to her was the reputation of the company and, having worked with some of the Salt team before, she knew she would be coming to work with a team of highly focused individuals. Claire said she loves her job, her clients and her candidates and of course working with people with the same values and standards!

When I stop and think about our ability to retain and develop people at Salt, I am convinced that our values play an integral part and it's why we measure them weekly. We are all responsible for taking ownership of bringing the values to life and not simply having them exist on the website or on a wall. Most companies have values they communicate but it is interesting when we interview candidates they can rarely tell us about the values of the companies they work for, so how alive are they?