I would like to come back to this Nutella story.

For me, as a French living abroad, it’s a disaster…  And I am very sad to see this happening in my country.

You guys laughed, shared, because social media, once again made a big buzz around it, but you must understand what is behind and what it reveals about France, about Europe, about the economy there.

Just a few numbers to compare my homeland country to Malaysia, where I am living now, which is supposed to be a developing country:

GDP: + 4% in Malaysia vs +1,6% in France

Unemployment rate: 3.3% in Malaysia vs 9,8% in France

Poverty: 300,000 people in Malaysia vs 9 Million in France

For those people we see in the video fighting for a promotion, Nutella is a luxurious product that a lot of families cannot afford. I know it is difficult to realize but this is the reality.

People are losing their dignity to fight in front of a camera for a rubbish non-healthy product, that any hipster like you and me has banned from their shopping list a long time ago.

Why I am saying that it’s a disaster, is because I think in my country and other countries in Europe, we are going back to the bottom of the Maslow pyramid: we are now trying to answer physiological needs first: understand eating…

What is unfair for these people, is not that we laugh off the situation as the prevalence of social media in today's society means that content can become global instantaneously - the unfair part is not understanding a bit of context.

Now you can enjoy your meal 😉